1. Paint the nail with white gel-polish and cure. Outline the face of an elephant with regular nail art polish. Top with gel top coat. Cure and wipe. 

2. Use five different polishes and paint various marks all around the nail. Be sure to leave the tusk uncolored, as well as the space between the leg and nose.

3. Dab a thin brush in acetone and let it drip onto the colors very lightly. This will blend the colors for a watercolor look. 

4. Once the colors dry, use a nail art brush to color in the shadow behind the tusk. Then go back and retrace the outline of the elephant with bold lines and let dry. Finish with gel top coat.

Alisa Khotpanya, Nails by Alisa, Port Saint Lucie, Fla. @alisa.nailcare 

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