Port Saint Lucie, Fla.-based nail tech Alisa Khotpanya has been passionate about nails since the age of 12. She created this mythical unicorn nail as part of a fantasy set.

1. Shape the nail into a long coffin shape. With a ball of acrylic, create the nose of the unicorn. Be sure to push down softly where the nostril indents.

2. Continue adding more acrylic to fill in the shape of the head. The center of the nose will need to be higher than the sides. To create this look, push the acrylic while still wet, creating a slope.

3. Create the forehead using another ball of acrylic and blend it to the nose.

4. Create the ears and the arch for the eyes. 

5. Using an e-file bit of your choice, blend the acrylic to make it smooth.

6. With white acrylic make the horn separately, shape it as a cone, then glue it to the head. Do not worry about the twisted shape just yet — doing it after you attach it makes it easier to grip. With pink acrylic, create the hair. This part doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want it to swirl at the tip. While it’s wet, use a small nail art brush to shape it to your liking. Add a little white to the center of the nose. 

7. Now drill the twist in the horn. Start on the base and move upward as you rotate the horn.

8. Use black rhinestones for the eyes and black paint to outline the details of the face. Apply gel top coat and cure. 

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