I have 10 sets of implements and drill bits, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning them in between clients; I can do it after my work day.
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Time yourself during each stage of your work. Knowing where and how you spend your time helps you learn where you may need the most training and work to increase your speed.
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After I did an e-file course with Lysa Comfort I shortened my time per client by 15-25 minutes.
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Keep your head down! I often forget to keep working when I’m looking directly at my client or engaging in conversation. You’ll be surprised how much time can be saved by keeping your head down and your eyes on those gorgeous fingers. I’ve shaved several minutes off my service with this one small adjustment.
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Help your team members! If you see a client waiting, get her soaking for your teammate (even if she is early). We usually have a few minutes free between clients. 
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I set up my nail station for the first appointment of the day before I leave work. I try to make it into work an hour before my first client, but if I have worked late the night before, I still come in at least half an hour before. During this time, I will clean the bathroom, check messages, return calls (if after 9:00 am), and do what I can before my first client. While my client’s nails are drying, I wash implements, fill the pedicure tub, record sales, etc. It is important that the client does not feel like her time is over when I get up to do different chores, so I engage her in conversation as I’m working on these tasks. Now I know why I am so tired at the end of my work day!
Vickie Chalk Meador
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 One of my best time-saving tricks would be stamping my nail art. Some of the most common nail art requests (chevron, swirls, flowers, etc.) are easiest to stamp. Instead of taking a good five minutes per nail I can stamp it and have it perfect within seconds. My clients love the “new” technique and I love how quick and easy it is! 
Ashley Donnelly
Nails by Ashley Donnelly, Hope Mills, N.C.

Apply cuticle remover before you shape the free edge of the nail, so that when you move on to the cuticle work the dead skin is easily removed.
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Always have the next step in your mind during a set, and always know your final nail result.
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When a returning client has been wrapped to remove their gel-polish, make good use of the time by making your client a hot drink, choosing their next color and design, getting your products ready, and booking their next appointment.

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