CND and the Beauty Change Lives Foundation are pleased to announce the first 15 award recipients for the BCL|CND Master Scholarship. Introduced in this February, the BCL|CND Master Scholarship is funded through a $150,000 commitment by CND. The program will award more than 100 scholarships to licensed nail professionals in North America through 2019. 

The Spring 2017 recipients of the BCL|CND Master Scholarship are:

Oluwaseyi Aladeselu, Chicago, IL—Oluwaseyi wants the world to understand the rich, rewarding opportunities available to licensed professionals and show how Nail Professionals encourage and support each other as they build careers and grow their business. “I relish the chance to engage and educate,” she says in her application.  “I want to cultivate a space where my fellow professionals challenge each other while sharing knowledge as we enjoy the positive progression and longevity of this industry.”

Zadiah Ballard, Newark, NJ—Zadiah looks to vintage furniture and fashion for inspiration. She is inspired by innovation and confidence and aspires to achieve her full potential as a black woman within the nail industry. With a servant’s heart, Zadiah also volunteers. “I provide free nail services for girls and women at Harmony House, a shelter and transitional housing program,” she shares in her application and accompanying vision board.

Samantha Beall, Manhattan, KS—An educator at Bellus Academy, Samantha believes that learning happens when the fear of failure is removed. “I encourage my students to embrace new experiences such as photo shoots and local fashion week events,” she says. Samantha also encourages her students to give back to their community by donating their talent. She says that nails are “living works of art.”

Morgan Castro, Ventura, CA—“A revolutionary concept in the nail industry is the notion of getting your nails done without having to worry about the integrity of the natural nail after a gel polish or enhancement is removed,” says Morgan. An avid fan of CND products, Morgan says that quality products are the foundation for healthy nails. “Knowledge is power and I empower myself by continuing my education while empowering my clients to practice good nail care at home,” she says.

Danielle DeSantis, Tucson, AZ—“There is nothing more gratifying than a client who cannot stop admiring her nails,” says Danielle.  In the nail salon, she enjoys educating clients about proper nail care and proving that a good manicure can feel as beautiful as it looks. She plans on using her scholarship to assist with continuing education that will help her master advanced gel and nail art techniques.

Kimberly Forga, Evansville, IN—A mother of eight, Kimberly says that the nail industry has been, “my rock – an ongoing artistic inspiration that has allowed me flexibility to care for my family.” She believes in client-manicurist relationships built on trust and also supports helping the NextGen embrace their craft. “Why not enjoy the individuality and artistic abilities of others?” she asks in her scholarship application. Remarking on her inspiration board, she says, “All of these things are me. I am the nail industry, pioneering through social change and seeking advancement via continued education.”

Xiomara Hernandez, Chicago, IL—Xiomara describes herself as a creator of beautiful pieces of art her clients love to wear. A mother of three, Xiomara pushes other Nail Professionals to push their creative limits and continually pursue new goals. Achieving success as a Nail Professional has helped Xiomara achieve the goal of becoming an educator and paying her success forward.  

Shante Herron, Indianapolis, IN—Shante believes that advancing the state of the professional industry is the result of four practices: great customer service, education, sanitation and passion. A licensed Nail Professional for three years, Shante says that communication and helping clients understand the process is central to gaining trust as a beauty expert. “Good enough is never an option” says Shante, who makes sure her clients understand the practice of good nail care. “My clients hold me to a certain standard and I aim to exceed that standard every time,” she says.

Lanessa Hubbard, Westfield, IN—Lanessa is committed to staying up to date on services, techniques and emerging technologies. “There is no limit when it comes to learning in the professional nail industry,” she says. Understanding how different products meet client needs is key, so Lanessa attends trade shows and distributor education events throughout the year. “I love to inspire mothers, teens and young girls to feel beautiful,” she remarks in her scholarship application.

Yvonne Huff, Lakeside, CA—Yvonne says that client retention is key to a Nail Professional’s business. And one way to educate clients is to serve as an educator who helps clients look and feel their best. According to Yvonne, consumers need to lose the notion that routine touch-up’s and regular fills are “high maintenance”. She adds that professional education is neverending.  Responding to the signature question on the scholarship application: “How do you plan on advancing the state of the nail industry?” Yvonne says, “By continuously educating myself and my clients.” 

Courtney Russell, Tonawanda, NY—Courtney says that while a beautiful polish will always get attention, helping clients achieve and maintain healthy nails is her first priority. “It is very important to me that I spread awareness of what harm could be prevented simply by applying nail cream. My job isn’t about painting nails, but about informing  people why they should take care of their nails and teaching them how to do so,” she says.

Jenna Scott, Dysart, IA—At 35, Jenna decided to go to cosmetology school but confesses, “I was really there for nail school!” She has already attained Master Painter and CND Shellac Professional designations and aspires to become a Grand Master. Although she works in a town with a population of just 1,200 people, Jenna says she frequently finds herself educating clients from larger cities who are surprised about what’s involved in proper nail care and health. “I have a very loyal clientele and really enjoy teaching them the proper way to care for their nails,” she says.

Georgia Thornburg, Moberly, MO—As an educator, Georgia believes in teaching her students by example, making proper nail care part of her classroom instruction. She begins by giving her students a proper manicure so that they personally experience how a manicure should be performed. “It’s really important that they understand the process and the safety protocol as well as the technique,” explains Georgia in her Youtube application video.

Jodi Warran, Titusville, FL—Jodi is a nail educator at Salon Professional Academy and says her greatest fulfillment comes on graduation night when she watches NextGen Nail Professionals poised to enter the industry. “This industry has provided me with self-empowerment, financial independence and tremendous happiness, and I know that as much as my students put into their careers, they will get even more back from this amazing career path,” she says in her video application.

Tina Zavala, Louisville, KY—Pop culture inspires Tina. She submitted an inspiration board influenced by celebrity artists’ music and integrating items as diverse as Sharpies, hand sanitizer, and dried flowers wrapped in wire. “The more unconventional the art medium is, the more unique the design,” said Tina. “I know that I can make it big in this industry and this scholarship is a key step in making my dreams come true.”

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