Nail Design

China Glaze Pony Pattern Blocking

by NLS Staff | June 20, 2017

Nail tech Sarah Waite created this design using China Glaze’s My Little Pony collection. “The wide sections of glitter combined with the fun, youthful polka dots create a look that is familiar yet new at the same time — just like My Little Pony,” she says.

1. After applying one coat of Strong Adhesion Base Coat, paint one coat of Sweet As Pinkie Pie.

2. Using a tape technique or freehand, add a block of I Just Canterlot diagonally at the tip of the nail.

3. Use a dotting tool and add polka dots of Kill ‘Em with Kindness over the entire nail.

4. Use a striping brush to add a wide stripe in One Polished Pony to separate the pink and purple. Finish with China Glaze Gotta Go Top Coat to protect your design.

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