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China Glaze Rainbow Dash Pony Tail Nail Art

by NLS Staff | June 15, 2017

Manicurist Casey Herman (@caseynails) painted this manicure inspired by Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. “Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite My Little Pony’s! I know she likes to fly and is a little bit of a daredevil so I thought she needs some racing stripes. I wanted to capture that feeling in a nail design so I created one with her tail swirling in the wind.  Of course she still likes cute things so I had to add a sparkly stripe.”

How to paint the stripes: 

1. Polish entire nail with three coats of Hay Girl Hay! for full nail coverage.

2. Apply a stripe of Applejack of My Eye to the corner of the nail near the cuticle.

3. Next apply a stripe of Too Busy Being Awesome along the tip of nail.

How to paint the tail:

1. With a striping brush apply an arch of Applejack of My Eye.

2. Follow that with a stripe of Sweet as Pinkie Pie.

3. Add a stripe of Kill ‘Em with Kindness then Cutie Mark the Spot.

4. Finish your Rainbow Dash tail with a stripe of Too Busy Being Awesome

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