Upside is you can do things how you like and you can hustle to get more work if needed.  Downside is everything falls on you. Everything!


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Upside: Working by appointment only, being my own boss, and offering quality services.  Downside: Teaching the customers about quality and prices, and trying to grow my business by finding quality technicians – that’s a headache! Plus, I’m always working too late.


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Upside: Unlimited creativity, being able to do what I love to make people happy.  Downside: Unappreciative clients who don’t understand the true cost of services and time spent and that you are human too, so you need time off.


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Upside: Making my own schedule, having control of the quality of my work and products, controlling prices and types of services offered, feeling proud of my accomplishments, and loving what I do.  Downside: Overworking myself; paying for all my own products and sometimes unexpected supplies; constantly answering texts, emails, and phone calls.


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The upside is definitely being able to work your own hours, which is great when you have to plan your day around school run times and half-term holidays, etc.  The downside is never truly being able to shut off from work mode, as you run everything; working hours that are longer than a regular salon day (if you are mobile) due to travelers; and answering emails from clients.


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The upside is working my schedule around my family which means everything to me. It’s the flexibility and freedom of not answering to anyone.  The downsides are overheads and paying bills; no sick pay; no clients = no money; no shows = lost revenue. I’ve been self-employed for almost eight years now, and I’d never go back.

Katey Laurenson, Embellished Nails,

Auckland, New Zealand


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Upside: The anticipation that one day I will look back and feel an enormous sense of accomplishment because all my hard work and sacrifices paid off.  Downside: Balancing work and personal life. Entrepreneurship is a tough journey that not everyone understands.


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The upside to being self-employed is that you control your outcome and destiny.  The biggest downside is every day you wake up you are unemployed if you didn’t prepare.


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Upside: Working for yourself is an amazing thing. You can create your own schedule, take a vacation whenever you need to, and you don’t have to share money or space! You can be so proud of yourself for running a business. The pride you can attain is fabulous! Downside: No-shows, no paid leave, no medical benefits, and basic bookkeeping. My pros outweigh my cons.

Dana Cecil, Nail Junkie, Dover, Ohio


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