Nail tech and NTNA Top 12 contestant Liza Waitzman of Das Nail Haus in San Diego created this elaborate rainbow set for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist 2016’s Decade Decadence challenge. 

1. Start using a clean, freshly sculpted set. Using wax paper, plan how to place the lettering that will spell “love” on the underside of the nails. Flip the wax paper to be able to paint the lettering in the correct direction on the top (not underside) of the nail.

2. When you have the lettering lined up properly and painted, use all the colors of the rainbow (using acrylic paint) and layer floating rainbows over the lettering, completely covering the topside of the lettering.

3. Layer two of the nails with white gel to create the background for the diva nail and No Hate nail.

4. Line the underside with a silver gel-polish.

5. Paint diva and No Hate nails using acrylic paints, then apply gel top coat. Dust full rainbow nails with a fine shimmer powder and gel top coat.

6. Finish off the nails with a whole lot of bling and a knuckle ring made of all nail accessories!

Follow Waitzman on Instagram: @dasnailhaus.

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