Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Flirty ‘n’ Floral

byNancy Kirk | May 16, 2017

1. Apply a layer of black gel-polish as your base color and cure. Follow with a layer of top coat and cure.
2. Apply Wildflowers Unicorn Hologram Pigment Powder with a silicone tool, rubbing it in well for full coverage.
3. Apply a thin coat of Wildflowers Glass Gel Topcoat in pink and cure.
4. Use Wildflowers Stamping Design Plate #2 to apply a small amount of white stamping gel.  With minimal pressure, roll the stamper over the image. Cure.
5. Sprinkle micro glitter over the stamped design and gently press into the stamping gel. Cure.
6. Finish with top coat and cure.

Natalie Gardi, Color Me Candy Nail & Beauty Lounge, Tamarac, Fla. @sweetlybuffed

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