The DreaMau Nail Polish Creator is capable of producing thousands of nail polish color variations with a touch of the fingertips, according to creator Quy Charlie Ton. A smartphone or iPad app lets users select a color and key in its code. The DreaMau device will fill the polish bottle with the right amount of nail lacquer, which can be mixed using a polish shaker, and within minutes a custom color is ready to be polished.

The semi-automatic device contains five primary colors: white, black, yellow, red, blue, and interchangeable effect colors such as cream, metallic, pearl, shadow, glitter, and neon effects. Once the nail color code is typed in, the mechanism automatically knows the ratio to achieve the final color. Clients can easily find colors to match their eye shadow, lipstick, or dress.

DreaMau allows salons to provide clients a personalized experience while providing customizable nail polish at an affordable price. Salons no longer have to keep a wall of nail polish inventory to please their clients; the DreaMau is capable of producing the color of their dreams. Alfalfa Nail Supply is offering an introductory special leasing program allowing salons to get a DreaMau Nail Polish Creator at a zero down investment without commitment to purchase.

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