Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: The Good Egg

by NLS Staff | March 28, 2017

1. Apply base coat and cure. Apply two coats of pastel green with Presto AM10. Cure after each coat.

2. Apply a thin layer of top coat using Gelish Top It Off. Do not cure. Use a dotting tool to apply three dots of bright pink in Presto AM5. Pull and drag the gel to create the marble effect. Cure.

3. Paint four lines horizontally across the nail in black with Presto AM02. Cure.

4. Create zigzag lines between two lines near the cuticle. Then use a dotting tool to paint dots randomly, alternating sections.

5. Once the egg design is complete, seal the nail with Gelish Top It Off and cure. Remove tacky residue and apply cuticle oil and lotion.

Fabian Robles, Salon Republic, Los Angeles @thenailartistfr

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