National nail salon chain MiniLuxe has come up with a fun and interactive way to help clients select the perfect polish color: offering transparent swatches to let them test the colors out. “In traditional nail salons, oftentimes the polish areas get messy because people try the polish either on themselves or on something near the polish, like a wall,” explains Marie Nguyen, technical nail director at MiniLuxe’s Brentwood, Calif., location.  “We wanted to find an innovative way for clients to not only see the color outside of the bottle, but actually try it against their skin tone.”

Nail techs incorporate the swatches into their pre-service routine, helping clients narrow their choices and encouraging them to try colors from MiniLuxe’s “color runway,” an elevated, horizontal display of polishes. The swatches have been popular among clients. “We go through a lot of swatches, and it’s a very easy cleanup because clients just try it on and toss it,” says Nguyen. “It’s a fun way to get the conversation going.”

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