Use the Kiara Sky Dip Powder System to give clients strong, lightweight, and natural long-lasting nails with easy-to-use dip powders that don’t damage the nail bed. The system is available in 124 colors that match Kiara Sky gel and nail lacquer so you can offer your clients color-compatible dip powder enhancements and toenails.

1. Apply Bond to the whole nail and then Base to three quarters of the nail.

2. Immediately dip into Natural powder.

3. Apply Base to the whole nail.

4. Immediately dip into desired Kiara Sky color dip powder. Repeat steps 3 and 4 one more time.

6. Apply Base to the whole nail and immediately dip into Clear powder. Apply Base again and let air dry completely.

7. Apply Seal Protect. Buff and shape, have the client wash her hands, apply one more layer of seal protect, and wipe the nail clean.

8. Apply Top Coat and let air dry for at least two minutes before adding a second layer of Top Coat for optimal shine.

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