I swap pedicures and manicures with massage therapists in my salon. I also swap manicures and pedicures for a biofeedback therapy session, and I have a hot tub and an infrared sauna at home. The infrared sauna reduces pain and gives me energy. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and sweating out the toxins helps with my overall health. I’ve been doing biofeedback for two years now. It indicates where my body is out of balance by detecting frequencies that are too low/high and it also detects inflammation. The biofeedback equipment then in return sends a good healthy level of frequency to those areas of my body where I need it. It’s done in a quiet room with soft music, and I relax in a recliner and actually go to sleep sometimes. I can talk with my biofeedback technician as if she is a counselor. She prescribes herbs and essential oils to help me with whatever my body needs.
Joyce Donnell, CND Master Technician, Pampered Touch Salon, Longview, Texas

I commute several days a week from San Diego to Los Angeles and back, which takes one and a half hours each way. On the way home, I stop about half way at my mom’s for dinner to relax and let the traffic die down. Then I turn up the music in my car and have an easy drive back to San Diego. When I get home, I have a cup of hot tea, talk to my hubby, play with my cat, and go to bed feeling peaceful and relaxed.
Lisa Wong, IBX Educator, San Diego

After a long day at the salon, the first thing I do after I close up shop is lay back in my pedicure chair, take a few deep breaths, reflect on the day, and admire my white twinkle lights. Then I’ll take some time to browse a Chinese food menu online to see what I’m going to have for a nice, relaxing dinner when I get home.
Kate Glenwright, The Nail Attic, Fredericton,New Brunswick, Canada

There are several things I do for self-care. The first thing is I make sure I take a half-hour to an hour break every day for lunch, which I mostly bring from home. The second thing is I make sure I meditate; I either do it at night when I get home, or I sit in my car and meditate during my lunch break. The last thing I do may seem strange, but it works: I cut quarter–inch thick slices of onion, put them in my socks, and sleep with them on. It pulls out the toxins and reduces the swelling in my feet and ankles — works like a charm!
Roxy Carrillo, Orly Educator, Los Angeles

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