The HD Acrylics Sculpting Powders from EzFlow focus on the principles of the four Cs: chemistry, clarity, color, and creativity. Time-release technology in the formula delivers plasticizers through encapsulated microspheres that add strength and durability to your enhancements.

1. Sculpt entire base of nail using HD Cover Pink Powder into the client’s preferred shape. Make sure the application is thin.

2. Using HD Infinite White Powder, create a half-circle on one side of the nail. Press the product thin and clean around the edge of the circle with your brush.

3. Continuing with HD Infinite White, create a second half-circle. Press the product thin and clean around the edge of circle with your brush.

4. Cap entire nail with HD Clear powder, building in the structure.

5. When product is in the molding stage, mold the C-curve. File nails using EzFlow finish filing procedures.

6. Buff the nails to a high shine to complete the look.

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