Elegant Glass educator Heidi Milliner crafted this eye-catching tinsel and glow-in-the-dark creation.

1. Prepare the natural nail, apply two coats of Fusion acid-free nail bonder, and place an EGN Stiletto form to start your enhancement. Apply EGN Made Ya Look Neon Glo colors in a marbled effect; do not blend the colors. Take an assortment of EGN Tinsel and press it into the matte setting acrylic.

2. Use Acrylé Clearvue Acrylic to fully encase the tinsel and Glo Acrylé Acrylic.

3. Use EGN Mylar File and Medium Carbide to carefully file in your shape.

4. Place Fire Paper over your filed nail enhancement. Gently apply a thin coat of Fusion acid-free bonder to the Fire Paper. Be sure not to over-dissolve.

5. Apply a thin coat of High Shine and cure for one minute. Remove the tacky dispersion layer using EGN Square Wipe and EGN Nail Cleanser. Lightly buff with EGN Medium Fine Spongee Buffer.

6. Use Black Tickle Sticks Design Paint to create your painted design. This will dry quickly.

7. Apply D Glass tack-free gel top and cure in EGN LED lamp.

8. Go to a dark place to see your Glo Creation! Enjoy!

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