Lauren Wireman of Cape Coral, Fla., the mastermind behind Wildflowers Nails (@wildflowersnails), shows how to use her stamps and Powdered Sugar pigments to create an embossed look on a nail.

1. Begin with a nail coated in Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Top Coat that has been cured. Apply Powdered Sugar with silicone tool.

2. Spread gel-polish onto stamping plate and scrape.

3. Dab clear stamper onto plate.

4. Line up stamp to nail and press down. Cure nail for one minute in an LED lamp or for two minutes in a UV lamp.

5. Spread Powdered Sugar over the design with a sponge applicator. Tip: Use the same color Powdered Sugar in Step 1 for tone-on-tone contrast.

6. Remove excess Powdered Sugar.

7. Apply top coat and cure.

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