NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Top 9 finalist Trish Johnson created this ‘80s masterpiece for the NTNA Decade Decadence challenge.

1. Paint Madonna’s face and features with acrylic paints. To create the bubble, place sculpting gel on the end of a rounded art brush, cure, and remove. Attach the bubble with sculpting gel and cure. Apply top coat to the face, cure, and remove tacky layer.

2. Mix gel top coat with a small amount of white gel-polish to create a sheer white. Paint the top and bottom of the nail with the mixture, cure, and hand paint white hearts.

3. Hand paint black lace details with gel-polish.

4. Using a straw, apply a mixture of additives and sculpting gel in big rings for Madonna’s hair. Cure, remove, and place one-by-one around her face with sculpting gel. Cure between each “lock” of hair.

5. Create the Boy Toy belt by placing sculpting gel on a nail form in a rectangle and curing. Paint white. After curing, paint “Boy Toy” and an outline around the rectangle using black gel-polish. Trace over the letters and outline with top coat, cure, and add chrome pigment. Go back over the outline and letters with top coat, cure, and wipe down with alcohol to remove any unwanted chrome.

6. Create bracelets by placing rings of sculpting gel around a small oil bottle and curing. Create a cross for Madonna’s earring using sculpting gel. Use gel-polish to paint desired colors. Using sculpting gel, attach the jelly bracelets, studs, and Boy Toy belt. Cure, and Madonna is complete!

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