Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Petal to the Medal

by NLS Staff | February 22, 2017

1. Paint the nail with a white gel-polish.

2. Dip half of your fan brush bristles into white acylic paint, dip the other half into green paint, and lightly brush side to side to create an ombre effect on the nail. Let dry and apply a non-cleanse gel top coat.

3. Using colored permanent Sharpie markers, create a flower design.

4. Dip a fine-tipped brush into 99% alcohol and gently spread the Sharpie marker design to create a water-colored effect. Use a yellow Sharpie marker to make the center circle of the flower and apply gel top coat.

Jena Guare, Madison Valgari Salon, Royal Palm Beach, Fla. @madisonvalgarisalon

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