LCN Bio Glass Gel

by Staff Writer | February 21, 2017

LCN’s Bio Glass Gel contains ingredients that improve adherence to the natural nail. It’s gentle and nourishing to the nail while lending a thin and natural-looking extension product without the use of a bonder.

1. Prep nails with a 240-grit or softer file or LCN Buffer Stick and remove all dust.

2. Clean nails with LCN Cleaner and a Pur-Zellin swab or lint-free pad. Apply LCN Stiletto Forms.

3. Apply first layer of Bio-Glass onto natural nail, sculpt to desired length, and shape. Cure for 60 seconds under LED light or two minutes under UV light.

4. Apply second coat if necessary and cure.

5. Remove forms and wipe inhibition layer with LCN Cleaner. File surface and sidewalls and remove dust.

6. Seal with Ultra Shine, Glaze Gel Clear, or your choice of LCN sealers.

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