Mobile beauty app Joiful is inviting nail techs, hairstylists, makeup pros, massage therapists, and estheticians to join its community of world-class artists.  Joiful launches in Los Angeles in January, and will be rolled out strategically market by market from there. “Initially, Joiful is designed to fill gaps in a tech’s schedule — open times when she could be making money,” says Chad Law, V.P. of sales and marketing. Techs will receive 68%-75% of the treatment price. “Our prices align with ‘affordable luxury’ and include various levels of treatment options, from express to spa, allowing the nail tech to upsell and earn more,” Law says.

To ensure the technician’s safety when out on a call, the company tracks her GPS location and time per service, cross-referencing for red flags. “We also provide extensive training for our artists about how to handle difficult situations should they arise. Should there ever be a safety issues, we have a process in place to ensure immediate action,” he says.

Interested techs can sign-up at

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