“Emojis help enhance a story with emotions and feeling,” says Michelle Ashley, product documentation specialist for Knowledge Marketing (www.knowledgemarketing.com). Using emojis in your email subject lines seems like a simple thing — and it is, as long as you use them wisely. Here are Ashley’s tips:

Know your audience. A millennial audience will probably be more receptive to the use of emojis than baby boomers, for example. No need to stress, however, as visual communication transcends all audiences — even moms are using emojis.

Don’t replace words with emojis. Not all email applications will render emojis properly, so it’s best to use emojis to enhance your message rather than replace it. If the emoji was removed or displays improperly, you should still be able to read the message.

> Right: [heart] We love Fridays. [heart]

> Wrong: We [heart] Fridays.

Don’t overuse emojis. Repeated use may land you in the spam file, as recipients may tire of emojis in every email you send. Moderation is key.

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