Valentine’s Day nail art doesn’t have to be all roses and candy. Nail tech Asa Bree Sieracki of Portland, Ore., shows how to make one tough look for February. This nail art combines chrome and spikes for a multi-dimensional take on embellished nails.

1.Complete standard nail prep and apply desired shade of gel-polish, curing thoroughly. Follow with a favorite chrome effect system. Here, she used a black base color followed by a rosy chrome pigment.

2. After rubbing chrome powder over the nail, dust away excess powder and seal with a non-cleansing top coat. Cure thoroughly.

3. Using black gel, paint a heart shape over the surface of the nail and cure.

4. Use a thick resin gel to adhere spikes to the border of the heart. Cure thoroughly once all studs are perfectly in place


5. Coat entire nail in a medium viscosity builder gel, making sure to brush gel between the spikes to ensure complete coverage and seal. Cure thoroughly.

6. Using pink art gel, paint a smaller heart in the middle of the black spiky heart and cure.

7. Use a silver art gel to paint a couple of faux highlight dots and strokes. Cure.

8.Top coat the entire nail, making sure to brush between the spikes and seal.

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