1. Welcome guests with a daily message on the front desk chalkboard.

To make sure that clients are aware of promotions, or to give them a positive daily message, place a chalkboard on the front desk. Like a "specials menu" at a restaurant, this chalkboard can change with the seasons and keep guests up-to-date on salon happenings.


2. Make sure guests have a place to hang their coats and purses.

One thing that makes for an awkward start to a salon appointment is a client being led off to a station while still juggling her coat and purse. Have a space either near the reception desk or at each station where clients can hang their things. Bonus points for a themed coat hanger.


3. Put the salon's WIFI password on display.

What do guests do when waiting in the reception area or sitting tight while processing? Scroll through Insta, of course. Make sure they're not eating up their data by prominently displaying the salon's WIFI password. Use a whiteboard so that it's easy to update when the password changes.


4. Pamper clients with a self-serve coffee station.

Creating a space wtih a single-cup coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) maker is a small addition to the salon that can make a big difference in how welcome guests feel in the salon. For extra pampering, stylists can offer to make their clients the perfect cup before leading them to their station.


5. Unexpected and unique decor makes a salon stand apart.

This decorated mirror is both cheeky and clever. Plus, it’s a fun way to add a little bit of personality into your salon.

Plants are a great way to add warmth and color to your salon. Olive & June in Los Angeles incorporates feminine flowers and natural, simple furniture in its décor.


6. DIY wall art becomes conversation pieces in the salon.

Get creative and create works of art that are affordable and unique. This false lashes wall art is cute and perfectly salon-chic. Salon owners can plan a DIY party with staff as a bonding exercise. The results will be artwork for the salon, which can turn into conversation topics during appointments.


7. Pocket-sized service menus are a handy way to keep guests informed.

Providing guests with a complete service menu that they can slip into their purses or pockets means that when they get home they will have a reminder of all the salon services they can try. Desiging menus with a neat and trendy design is key. Try creating new menus quaterly to display new, seasonal offerings.

8. Cute and clever business cards make a bigger impact.

Try to get creative when it comes to business cards. These business cards have attached nail art – the unusual addition will make your clients more likely to keep and remember your card.

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