Lucien Henderson, nail tech and founder of Empower Nail Art, has been creating and sharing content very consistently on social media lately. A recent demo video showing how to create a swirl design received more than 60,000 views on his Instagram page, which has 10,000 followers at press time. Follow these steps to see why the technique went viral and find out how you can use this product in your nail art services.

1. Create an extension using gel.

2. Choose the part of the nail film you want to use for your design and cut the desired shape using the Pro Edge craft knife and light pressure.

3. Slip the tip of the craft knife blade under the film to lift and separate the nail art film from the backing sheet.

4. Lay the nail art film on the nail using light pressure. Slide the blade out from under the nail film and smooth out the film on the nail using your fingertip. Remove any excess film from the sides of the tip using a crystal file and downward strokes.

5. Apply your favorite gel top coat and cure.

6. Repeat to lock and seal the design.

Follow Henderson on Instagram  @empowernailart

Follow Henderson on Instagram @empowernailart




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