Yvett Garcia (@yvynails), a LeChat Nails influencer, shows how to design a cohesive modern nail look using rhinestones, jewels, and LeChat's Mirano Metallic Pigments.

Perfect Match colors shown, from left to right: Risqué Business, B-52, and Black Onyx.

Perfect Match colors shown, from left to right: Risqué Business, B-52, and Black Onyx.

1. On slightly buffed nails with no base coat, apply LeChat Perfect Match gel-polish. Cure for 30 seconds.

2. Apply striping tape, cutting the tape shorter than the nail tip to prevent it from peeling. Yvett uses resin to affix the rhinestones to the nails, but you can also use hard gel to add rhinestones.

3. Apply Mirano Top Coat over the Black Onyx nail and cure for 30 seconds. Using the rubber applicator, slightly dip into the Mirano pigment color "Immortal," and lightly rub over entire nail. Remember a little goes a long way! Dust off excess pigment and seal with Gelee Top Coat, and cure for 30 seconds.

4. Using resin, finish applying the stones. For a balanced design, start from the center and apply larger pieces first, then work your way out. Once the resin is dry, apply Non-Wipe Top Coat around the stones. Be sure to avoid covering the crystals. Cure for 30 seconds.

Tip: A wax pencil is the best way to have more control over placing stones and gives you the ability to create more intricate designs.

Keeping Rhinestones in Place

If you are using resin to affix stones, you can use glue dryer spray between steps to better hold stones in place while creating your design. If using hard gel, flash cure between steps to keep the stones from moving. With larger stones, Yvett recommends using hard gels of thicker consistency, always sealing with top coat.

Tip: Avoid fully covering crystals with top coat. Seal only the crystals' edges to avoid dulling the shine of the crystals's cuts.

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