Did you know it’s likely that more than 60% of the people visiting your salon website will be using a mobile device? “This means the majority of your potential clients will be using a much smaller screen than the one you may use at home to check or update your website,” says Phil Evans, managing director of Salon Guru (www.salonguru.net).

To check whether your salon website is usable and attracts clients on mobile devices, Evans suggests these simple steps:

Check various devices:

> Visit your own website on a variety of devices, from small old cell phones to larger and newer phones with big screens. Also, be sure to try both Android and Apple phones.

> Visit using various sizes of tablets from Kindle Fires to iPads.

Check your content:

> Are all the important screens working?

> Can you access all your content?

> Do online booking and forms work?

Check your speed:

> Mobile users will either be on wifi or their network signal and will therefore have lower connection speeds. This can make your website very slow to load and cause users to give up and leave.

> Search for “google speed test” and add your website’s address on that site. It will give you a speed score for both mobile and desktop PCs.

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