1. Apply Essie "Loophole" to all fingers.

2. Using a thin nail art brush and Essie “Blanc” white polish, draw two vertical lines on the edge of the thumb nail, leaving a bit of space on the outer corners.

3. Within the leftover space on the outside of the thumb nail, using the thin nail art brush draw a vertical zigzag shape pattern. Paint 3 "X" shapes down the middle of the thumb surrounded by dots. 

4. Use Essie “Blanc” and a sharp safety pin to draw seven small diamonds in the shape of a flower on the index finger.

5.  On the pointer finger, draw seven diamond-shaped flower petals with an "X" below and above. Draw a horizontal line across the top of the nail and dot with Essie "Stylenomics" green nail polish. 

6. On bottom of the middle finger, draw four "V" shapes to create the look of an "X." Repeat at the top of the nail. In the center, draw the outline of a diamond and color it in using the green polish.

7. On the ring finger, draw a zigzag line with white polish and green dots above and below the line. 

8. With white nail polish, paint the body of the reindeer, followed by a small head. With a toothpick, draw four lines with a hoof shape at the bottom to create its legs. Draw a horizontal line with short vertical lines attached to create the antlers. 

9. Draw a white, horizontal line below the reindeer filled with four green dots. 

10. On the pinky finger, draw two white lines at the bottom of the nail and two lines at the top. Fill each set of lines with zigzag lines. 

11. Apply dots randomly in the center of the pink nail. 

12. Apply top coat. 


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