Bombshell Beauty Company, Lakeway, Tex. Photos: Misty Szulim Sabean

Bombshell Beauty Company, Lakeway, Tex. Photos: Misty Szulim Sabean

Shopping List:

Qtica Pomegranate Lime Scrub

Qtica White Tea Mask

Qtica Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm for Cracked Feet

Qtica Pomegranate Lime Lotion

Morgan Taylor Lacquer

1. Soak your client’s feet in an antimicrobial copper basin filled with warm water, flower petals, and citrus slices. Offer a warm neck pillow, a glass of wine, and chocolates.

2. Remove old polish, shape the nails, and push back and remove overgrown cuticles. Buff away stubborn callused heels with a single use pedicure file.

3. Apply the scrub along the feet and calves to remove dead skin. Use a pumice stone to smooth any calluses. Rinse the legs and feet well.

4. Apply the mask to the feet and legs. Wrap the feet and lower legs in warm towels and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove with warm, damp towels. Apply foot repair balm, concentrating on the heels.
5. Pour paraffin wax into two plastic bags, then immerse the feet to seal in the foot repair balm. Wait five minutes.
6. Remove the paraffin and massage the lower legs and feet with warm moisturizing lotion.

7. Remove any excess oils from the nail bed. Apply base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat.

Price: $70

Tweak this Recipe:

Use an alternate name such as The Diva Pedicure, offer the client a glass of champagne with strawberries, and paint the nails a vampy red, such as Morgan Taylor Pretty Woman.

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