I sit in the client chair and rearrange everything at my station. I don’t know why; it’s like I have to make it pleasing to the eye or something! It may just relax me. I also set up all my implements exactly like my nail school instructor taught us in school — on a clean paper towel.
Antonia Huerta, Studio S Salon, Orange, Calif.

This might not be the most efficient way to get through a pedicure but I find that I change my gloves at least twice during a service. Typically, I keep a set of gloves on during the prep stage, callus treatment, and massage part. But once I reach the polishing phase, I prefer to toss out the soiled gloves and replace them with a clean, new pair so that it’s easier for me to grip the polish bottles. I once broke a polish bottle in front of a client because it accidentally slipped from my gloves while I was shaking it before application and, well, that was really embarrassing.
Sigourney Nuñez, House of Polish, Beverly Hills, Calif.

I work in a busy, full-service salon in Ashland, Ore. I always arrive to work at least 15 minutes early so that I can arrange my work space before I begin my services. I arrange my tools in a straight line on my desk with my nail clippers nestled between my nippers. I make sure the labels are facing out on all of my products and that they are in a straight row. I check that surfaces are dust and clippings free. Finally, I trifold my towels on the desk. This step, whether habit or ritual, is virtually pointless since I will unfold my towels as soon as my guest arrives. I do not feel ready for work until I have done these things. As a child I can remember arranging my shelves and drawers perfectly before I went to bed and I could always tell if something was out of place or moved. Being organized helps me perform with purpose and skill.
Kadie Decker, Be Cherished, Ashland, Ore.

When it comes to my nail table, I’m a little OCD. Every item has its home: Polish bottles are clean and in order from base coat to top coat, and products are in the order of use and all on my right-hand side so they are easily accessible.  I hope I’m not alone when I say that performing a service puts me in my calm mode.  It allows me to relax, zone out, and puts the day back into perspective, so preparing for this moment is my favorite part.  Imagine you are a new client to a salon — polish bottles everywhere with product spilled on the bottle neck, garbage can overflowing, dust particles on the arm rest, a dusty lamp hanging over, products randomly placed on the left and right side of the table — I have anxiety just saying this!  An organized work station is more than a presentation, it’s a sign of trust.  Taking the time to create an atmosphere allows us to work in an efficient manner, increases productivity, and shapes a special environment for us and our clients.
Diane Diaz, Canvas Nail Studio, Chicago

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