Team CND Education Ambassador Heather Davis says she was born to sing — but then, as so often happens, life got in the way. “I’ve always wanted to sing. In fact, one of the reasons I got my nail license right after high school was that I liked the flexibility the job gave me for auditions,” says Davis. “I pursued music for a few years, but then I had kids, got married…and shelved my love for singing. I re-visited voice while in college, studying classically (yes, I can sing opera!), but ultimately decided I needed to focus on a more profitable field.”

Three years ago, Davis moved her family from a small town in Alaska to Seattle in search of more opportunity in the beauty industry. “Little did I know that the move would re-open an old door to my first love,” she says. “I trolled the Craigslist musician community boards for about a year before I came across a small company that puts recreational musicians together for short-term bands.  After a year of quietly watching them post different opportunities, one came up that I couldn’t resist. After that I met a few like-minded individuals and we formed a band — with me as the lead singer. We’ve been together for about a year and a half, and opportunities have continued to surface.”

Davis also joined another established cover band in the Seattle area as co-lead with a male singer. She’s even started doing session work. “I’ve been working in a recording studio, singing songs for songwriters looking to sell their work to signed artists,” she says. “And now one of the songwriters is writing songs around my voice!”

Davis now performs a few times per month. “Anything from bar gigs to corporate events and weddings — and I have a blast doing it. Funnily enough, the CND facilitation style [a public speaking/teaching technique] improved my stage presence and alleviated my stage fright. Who knew?”

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