Like its name suggests, the decor at Los Angeles’ Can Can Parleur is French-inspired. “Think Toulouse-Lautrec meets the Moulin Rouge’s dressing rooms,” says owner Carmen Yu​. “I’m a huge fan of the Belle Époque, a period in Europe where great writers, painters, and musicians came to light.  It was also a time of optimism and artistic achievement.” An oversized Toulouse-Lautrec print holds a prominent spot in the salon’s decor. “When I see Toulouse-Lautrec’s creativity and artistic passion, it takes me to a happy place. The can-can was a dance where women were able to express themselves. I equate all of this to nails and nail polish, because they have the ability to make us women feel powerful and beautiful.”

The space was designed by Yu with an eye toward protecting the environment. The faux-brick is made of recycled paper and

cardboard, expertly painted with biocide-free paint, while the floor is poured concrete with a biocide-free stain. The furnishings were all custom made using natural, organic textiles and fillers. “They’re extremely comfy too,” Yu notes.

The curtains separating the service chairs are intended to give patrons a sense of having their own space while still being able to have a tete-a-tete with their neighbor. “We want customers to feel comfortable and we want to create an enchanting environment. At the same time, we also want to create a sense of community by introducing clients to one another,” she says.

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