How to Easily Create Chrome Nail Art

by Sigourney Nuñez | November 2, 2016
Photo via Instagram @profiles_nails

Photo via Instagram @profiles_nails

By now, most clients have seen, heard of, or ever maybe worn chrome nails. How do we keep the pigment powder service exciting moving forward? Get creative with designs.

Florida-based professional nail company Profiles Nails recently launched Ghost Patterns, a line of holographic stencils designed to make chrome nail art easy. Follow the steps to find out how to use the new product.

1. Apply gel-polish of choice and cure according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply no-white gel-polish top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

2. Pick your Ghost Pattern of preference and cut it to fit the nail. Peel off the backing and place on the nail. Be sure you don’t touch the surface of the nail with your fingers because the oil from the skin will compromise the surface and the chrome will not adhere properly. Use an orangewood stick or a silicone brush to press the stencil close near the cuticle, sidewalls, and free edge.

3. Rub the chrome powder of choice to the entire nail.

4. Slowly peel off the pattern and apply it to a form paper so you can reuse it.

5. Seal the entire nail with top coat and cure.

Watch a live video demo featuring the Ghost Patterns by brand co-founder Ami McClure below. 

For more from Profiles Nails, visit the brand’s Instagram (@profiles_nails) here.

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