Mia Secret international exclusive educator, Arturo Osorio, demonstrates how to create an elegant and fashionable fall-inspired design using the professional brand’s colored acrylic powders. 

1. Prep nails for acrylic application. Properly place a sculpting form and extend the nail plate, using cover pink acrylic powder.

2. Sculpt the smile line, using gold acrylic powder.

3. Sculpt a second smile line to extend the length, using black acrylic power.

4. Encapsulate the entire nail with clear acrylic powder.

5. Contour the cured nail, using the 100-grit Speedy Zebra file and use a finer grit file near the cuticle area. Buff to shine and remove debris.

6. Apply a thin layer of UV Finish Gel and cure for 60 seconds.

7. Paint an outline between both smile lines, using white Formagel and a nail art brush.

8. Paint decorative swirls over the black free edge, using white Formagel and a nail art brush. Cure for 30 seconds.

9. Add more nail art details over the pink area and cure.

10. Embellish the look as desired.

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