Inspired by a classic fairy tale, Las Vegas-based nail tech Nikki Diamond offers a seasonal twist on one of the most famous pumpkins in storybook land — Cinderella’s carriage. Follow these steps to find out how to paint a pumpkin on pointers.

1. Prep the nails. Paint two layers of white gel-polish, making sure to cure between coats.

2. Use orange gel-polish and a detail brush to paint the base shape of a pumpkin near the free edge. Cure.

3. Use a light yellow gel-polish shade to paint linear details on the pumpkin. Cure.

4. Use a dark brown gel-polish shade to paint the stem of the pumpkin. Paint swirls on the stem to give the pumpkin movement. Cure.

5. Shade the pumpkin using a fine art brush and black gel-polish. Follow the lines created in steps 2 and 3. Pro tip: Before adding the fine thin lines, coat the entire nail with top coat and paint the lines over the uncured gel. This will give your brush fluidity for smoother brush strokes. Cure.

6. Continue to add more detail to the pumpkin with green gel-polish. Cure. Seal the entire fall look with top coat and cure.

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