Jan Arnold of CND.

Jan Arnold of CND.

CND Co-founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold, is on a mission to support fellow entrepreneurs and elevate the state of the beauty industry via speaking engagements nationwide. Most recently, she captivated audiences at AMI’s CEO Success Network Retreat in San Diego, Calif. in August and the NIC 2016 Conference in Tampa, Fla. earlier this month. In a further effort to support up-and-coming beauty talent, Jan donated proceeds to the Beauty Changes Lives (BCL) Foundation, which provides scholarships for the next generation of beauty and wellness professionals.

Allison Maslan International (AMI) is a coaching agency devoted to helping entrepreneurs grow highly successful companies that change the world. Having worked to take CND from family business to global brand status over the past 30+ years, Jan was the ideal candidate to speak firsthand to the retreat’s topic of "How to scale a business of any size or model." With passion, eloquence, and spot-on business savvy, she explained how to stay ahead of the competition using innovation, leadership, collaboration, and drive.

Next, Jan joined members of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Inc. for their annual conference to discuss the latest issues facing the cosmetology industry as a whole. Her passion for education and dedication to the Professional proved infectious as she educated the crowd on the beauty and fashion industry from "A to Z."

With plans to continue her efforts in the months ahead, Jan is committed to raising additional funds for BCL and to inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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