Bat-Inspired Halloween Nail Art

by Staff Writer | October 3, 2016

Halloween presents the perfect time for you to offer your client spooktacular nails says Elkhart, Ind.-based nail tech Emily Nash. “Clients want something different after summer, so they are ready to kick off a new season with fun designs,” she says. Follow these steps to recreate bat-inspired nail art.

1. Prep the nails for gel application. Apply base coat and cure. Apply one coat of dark green gel-polish and cure. Repeat for full coverage. Apply top coat and cure.

2. After removing the inhibition layer, gently buff the nail to remove shine. Using white gel-polish and a small amount of acetone, blend both and begin to gently tap onto nail to create a smoke effect.

3. After the white, add a yellow gel-polish mixed with acetone and tap around the edges of the nail. Cure when you’ve reached your desired effect.

4. Use purple gel-polish to paint the base shape of a bat. Start with a small circle for the head and an upside down egg shape for the body. Cure.

5. Continue drawing out the bat’s body by adding triangles for the ears and tail. Then, paint the wings. Use a detail brush for this part to keep the design sharp.

6. Use a mix of dark and bright purple gel-polishes to add lowlights to the body of the bat.

7. Use a detail brush and black gel paint to outline the bat. Cure.

8. Seal the entire look with top coat and cure. For a matte finish, gently buff the nail to remove shine.



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