Learn how to execute a colorful French using EzFlow Design Colored Acrylics candyFLOSS Collection. Follow this technique by global brand ambassador Allie Baker. 

1. After applying a nail form, sculpt the nail using EzFlow HD Cover Pink Powder, making sure to blend product toward the cuticle area and apply evenly for best coverage.

2. Cap the nail with your choice of EzFlow HD Clear or EzFlow HD Pink Powder and build the structure.

3. When the product is in the molding stage, pinch the C-Curve.

4. File nails using EzFlow finish filing procedures and buff to a high shine.

5. Using alternating colors from the EzFlow Design Colored Acrylics CandyFloss collection, place dry beads of colored acrylic on the free edge area of the nail. When the bead turns matte, press it flat.

6. Continue adding and overlapping dots to create the smile line and cover the free edge.

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