You can always charge more for nail art, especially if it’s done by hand. From an easy ombre to a detailed negative space design, pressed pigments allow you to get creative with a dry medium.

1. Apply a black gel-polish color curing each layer as directed by the manufacturer.

2. Using a small dry brush, apply the pigments to the sticky layer of your cured gel-polish.

3. Repeat step 2 using any pigment of your choice to create a desired effect.

4. Using a design or striper brush, paint swirls on top of the pigments using a clear builder gel. Cure.

5. Wipe the entire nail with cleanser. All the pigment that was not covered with clear design gel will wipe-away and reveal the black base color underneath.

6. Seal the entire look with gel top coat and cure.

Ami McClure, Co-Founder of Profiles Nails, Cape Coral, Fla. @profiles_nails

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