1. “Make sure you have plenty of your foundational products on hand like base and top gels, monomers and powders, and files and buffers. While these are easily accessible to go and buy, every minute is precious during the holiday season. Don’t waste time making extra shopping trips. I make sure I order these in October so I’m ready to go.”
— Tracy Vinson @mobilemanicurist

2. “I start my holidays in September with Witchmas (Sept. 1). Clients see my nails ahead of time so they get some inspiration for their nails before it’s time for Christmas. I always try to put a spin on my nail art that makes it unique, because how many more Santa Claus and reindeer nails do you want to see?”
 — Lexi Martone @leximartone

3. “I start organizing and planning at the end of summer to ensure I have a schedule that allows me to balance family and work.”
— Karla Rochelle @phf2014

4. “I’m already taking bookings for Christmas week and am almost fully booked. We are buying all the stock we need for Christmas nail art now.”
— Toni Michelle Valentine @spotofbeauty

5. “Besides reds, make sure you have deep greens (think emerald) in stock for the holiday season.”
— Elsbeth Schuetz @elsbeth211

6. “Stock up on red polish and green and gold glitters.”
— Keren Clark

7. “Offer awesome stocking stuffer retail items. Put together useful client gifts and plan a holiday gathering to thank your clients. And always have bubbly on hand.”
— Jamie Getskow @naildesignsbyjamie

8. “Advertising your holiday nail art the week before Christmas is a bad idea. You should be doing little teaser posts 6-8 weeks before any holiday. This allows you to pre-book and fill your calendar before the month of December even arrives.”
— Tracy Vinson @mobilemanicurist

9.  “Prep healthy alternatives to candy such as baggies of roasted pumpkin seeds or infused water with seasonal flavors.”
— Elizabeth Morris @thenailhub

10. “Make items to go with your seasonal specials. For example, make your own scented cuticle oil and offer it with every pre-booked holiday service to entice clients to book early. Even if you aren’t fully booked, make it seem like you are by telling people you’re already planning ahead and have limited appointments available.”
— Elizabeth Morris @thenailhub

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