We asked Instructors: How do you keep students’ attention if you feel they are tired or losing focus?

I love cracking jokes and poking fun at situations. It keeps the environment light and pleasant! We have all been in the position where we can’t keep our eyes open, so I let them have a break to stretch, get some fresh air, grab a coffee, and then we switch up the focus of the day.

Mekisha banks, Body Pro Beauty, Toronto, Canada.

I tell a story instead of lecture — using humor helps. If you see their eyes rolling back into their heads, it is time for a break. I have turned lesson plans into games. I use props to help bring the material to life. We all get up and do some stretching as well.

Jessica Taylor, Honolulu Nail Academy, Honolulu

One of the great aspects of working at IBW is that we encouraged wellness activities. If I could tell my class was having a sleepy moment, I would have them get up and do a dance, or we would walk around the neighborhood, or even sing songs. Just taking a few minutes to get moving or doing something fun wakes everyone back up.

Tracy Conley Balistreri, Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness, Milwaukee, Wis.

I always try to keep my students happy when they are in class. I put music on; I listen to each of them and take into consideration what they want to learn and what they want out of the program. From this I start to create my lesson plans because I believe it’s their dream as well. I tell my students that this is not just a school but an opportunity to see if they are going to be happy in a salon. I teach exactly how it goes in the real world. One thing I’ve noticed is that some students lose focus when I teach from the book, so that's when I start with the hands-on technique. This involves nail art, gel polish, glitter, and nail tips. I put them in groups to help each other. This makes it fun and real for them. It works wonders.

Rosa Vargas, Beauty Institute, West Palm Beach, Fl.

If that happens, then it’s time to either take a mental break or to move on the next subject. Our classes are small so we are able to retain students’ attention and focus for each lesson.

Sindy Mark, Director of Sales and Education Joya Mia, Las Vegas

I try to stay involved and continually give feedback. I ask a lot of questions to make sure the students understand what they are doing and keep interactions flowing.

Jamaica Starr, Candy Nails by Jamaica, Nampa, Idaho

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