Salon owners wanting to make over their digital image now have the option of adopting a “dot-salon” (.salon) domain name for their website. “These ‘not-com’ domain name choices first became available to the general public in early 2014 and among their many benefits, they provide more descriptive and creative means for individuals and businesses to brand their businesses, products, and services,” says Jeff Davidoff, chief marketing officer for Donuts Inc., a domain registry company. “More meaningful names are also memorable, making it easier for customers and potential customers to find you online.”

Dot-salon isn’t your only non-com option. Golden, Colo.-based Nailuxe Boutique uses “dot-boutique” instead of dot-com. “I believe our Nailuxe.Boutique domain name and website make us more unique —and we love unique,” says owner Karen Kennedy. “It’s fun, catchy, and memorable, and gives a small indication of how colorful and different our salon atmosphere is.”

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