<p>Kellie DeFries applied $15,000 worth of Swarovski crystals to this Whale Spa pedicure chair.</p>

Take the work involved in blinging out a set of toenails and multiply that by a hundred — at least. That might give you some idea of the effort involved in covering a Whale Spa pedicure chair in tens of thousands of premium and vintage crystals. Yet Swarovski authorized instructor Kellie DeFries — also known as the Crystal Ninja — did just that at the request of Whale Spa owner Johnny Ngo.

“We were familiar with Kellie’s Crystal Katana tool and her wonderful work on items such as her Porsche.  Kellie also did amazing work on a Valentino Beauty Pure air filter and that gave us the idea to do a whole pedicure chair,” says Ngo. “It took Kellie about a week to do and needless to say, we are ecstatic with the result.”

<p>Whale Spa&rsquo;s Johnny Ngo poses with Kellie DeFries.</p>

According to DeFries, it took her about 85 hours to apply $15,000 worth of crystals. “The chair was extremely difficult to work on due to all the wavy sides and so many angles. The glue is very tricky on these angles,” she notes.

As usual, beauty comes at a price: The Whale Spa chair can be yours for $25,000.

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