Make nail art easier with Purjoi’s Jumbo Clear Nail Art Stamper. The transparent base handle and clear silicone head allow you to see through the stamper to choose the precise location to transfer images.

1. Apply nail lacquer or nail stamping polish directly to desired image plate.

2. Use the Purjoi credit card scraper to remove excess polish from the stamping plate, holding it at a 45-degree angle.

3. Use a light, front-to-back rolling motion to transfer the image. Note: Purjoi clear nail art stampers will not pick up images if too much pressure is used. Adjust your light rolling pressure until you achieve fully opaque images.

4. Gently transfer the image to the nail using light rolling pressure. Apply a top coat to secure the design. Finish your stamping manicure with Organic Cuticle Oil to repair, hydrate, and revitalize your client’s hands and nails.

5. Use cellophane tape or a lint brush to remove any unwanted images from stamper. Do not use acetone, alcohol, or nail polish to clean clear stamper heads. Excessive cleaning using these substances may cloud or damage the nail stamper head over time and replacement will be required.

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