Building a structurally sound C-curve starts at the sculpting stage. Applying and placing the form correctly and making sure it follows the nail’s natural curvature is imperative. Forming the curve occurs when you apply pressure to the sidewalls of the nail extension to help bend the free edge into a nice C-shape. Too tight of a pinch, however, can cause damage and even break the enhancement.

The C-curve can expose even the slightest imperfections in a nail extension so watch your form while you work for best results. Take a look at the C-curve straight on to find the areas that can improve on structure, thickness, and symmetry.

Nail tech Nadja Freund of Magnetic Nail Design in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, demonstrates how to execute an elegant C-curve.

1. Prep the nail as usual, and shorten the free edge completely. Trim a Magnetic Competition Form according to the shape of the natural smile line. Apply the form pointing slightly upwards. Apply Magnetic Soft Bond Primer.

2. Apply a thin layer of adhesion using the Magnetic Fiber Gel Pink. Flash cure and slightly pinch the free edge using pinching tweezers. Hold the tweezers at a 45-degree angle for about 10 seconds until the gel cools down. Cure completely.

3. Apply second layer of pink gel and flash cure, and pinch. If needed, apply some extra gel at the apex and stress areas for better structure and a straight upper arch. Cure completely.

4. After the third layer is flash cured and pinched, apply the pinching clamp. Cure the gel completely while the clamp is still on. Remove the clamp and cure one more time to cure the gel that was covered by the clamp.

5. Remove the dispersion layer using a finishing solution and a lint-free wipe. Contour the nail and remove debris.

6. Paint the nail as desired to finalize the look.

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