Cenoté Day Spa, Davenport, Fla.

Cenoté Day Spa, Davenport, Fla.

Shopping List

  • Soft & Fresh Pedicure Powder (Lemon)
  • Lemon Sugar Scrub (made in-house)
  • Paraffin Dip
  • CND Citrus Lotion
  • CND Solar Oil
  • CND Cuticle Away
  • CND Vinylux Color
  • CND Vinylux Top Coat

1. Soak the client’s feet in a pedicure bowl with Lemon Soft & Fresh Pedicure Powder. Trim and file the nails, then apply CND Cuticle Away.

2. Apply callus softener (if needed).  Apply Lemon Sugar Scrub from the toes all the way up the lower leg in circular motions. Use a disposable foot file to soften calluses.  Place the feet back in the warm bath and rinse well.
3. Remove the feet from the bath, push back the cuticles, and lightly buff the nails. Apply CND Solar Oil to the nails and massage the lower legs and feet for five minutes each using CND Citrus Lotion.

4. Pour three ladles of paraffin into a disposable bag. Place the foot in the bag, making sure to cover the entire foot and ankle with the paraffin. Repeat on the other foot. Let the client relax with the paraffin dip for 10 minutes.

5. Remove the paraffin and thoroughly cleanse the nails. Apply a base coat (skip this step if using Vinylux), two color coats, and a top coat.

Price: $45


Use an alternate name such as Sunshine Citrus Pedicure, offer the client a dish of lemon sorbet, and paint the nails a lemony hue, such as CND Vinylux Bicycle Yellow.

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