Traditional pedicure products are often dehydrating or aggressive on skin but Footlogix Pediceuticals contribute to an effective, long-lasting service.

1. Remove polish and perform a thorough foot evaluation. Identify any medical conditions, unsightly nails, or rough and peeling skin. Spray your client’s feet with Foot Deodorant Spray.

2. Add one pump of Foot Soak into a foot bath. Soak feet for five to 10 minutes (or less than five minutes if client is diabetic).

3. Pat dry and use Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub on feet and legs. Add water to emulsify scrub.

4. Spray Callus Softener around toenails and cuticles and liberally onto calluses and dry skin. Let absorb for two to three minutes. Clip toenails and clean around nails in the groove, under the free edge, and along cuticles.

5. Reapply a light mist of Callus Softener on the soles of the feet as required. Once the skin is no longer wet but slightly tacky, use a foot file to reduce calluses and dry skin. It is not necessary to rinse the Callus Softener off.

6. Massage Very Dry Skin Formula into feet, paying special attention to dry and callused areas and the space between the toes. You can also use the DD Cream Mousse for clients who need a richer product or for a reflexology service.

7. Use two to three pumps of Massage Formula on feet and legs. The formula is non-greasy but has enough slip for a five to seven minute massage.

8. If the client desires, apply nail polish. While nail polish is drying, go over the recommended foot care products the client should use at home and instruct the client on how to use them.

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