How many people call your salon each day to ask about the price of a particular service and never get on the books? According to Tammy Dennis, the owner of Infinity Luxury Salon in the Gorge, located in Bingen, Wash., 90% of daily salon phone calls go something like this:

Salon: Great Nails Salon, how may I help you?

Caller: I’m wondering how much your pedicures are?

Salon: They’re $40.

Caller: OK, thank you ... CLICK

The salon might even ask if the caller would like to make an appointment. In which case the response is usually, “No thanks ... CLICK.”

The key to building a relationship with the caller, says Dennis, is to ask questions rather than responding immediately with a price. The conversation should go like this:

Salon: Thank you for calling. I would love to give you some information. Again, my name is Tammy, what is yours? ... If you don’t mind, let me ask ...

1. Will this be your first time visiting Great Nails?

2. How did you hear about us?

3. You asked about pedicure. Are you interested in a manicure service as well?

4. Would you like to hear our current specials?

5. Do you know that our services are guaranteed?

Excellent. Are you looking to keep up your nails or is this for a special event?

“By taking the time to learn about the caller, she will love you before she even reaches your salon,” says Dennis. “And 99% of the time, you don’t even have to give your price over the phone.” Make sure that whoever answers the phone has a script to follow and a new client form she can fill out at the time of the call. The form can then be shared with the nail tech who will be caring for that client.

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