Add a dramatic effect to nails by boosting shine using Venus Beauty System’s Mirror Effect Gel. Brand educator Tess Walters demonstrates how to use the product to execute an abalone shell-inspired design.

1. Before starting, cut a piece of plastic wrap big enough to cover the whole nail. Prep the natural nail. Apply a white soak-off gel to the nails and cure. Remove the tacky layer with alcohol.

2. Apply Mirrorizer over the base color to give your colors the highest shine possible. Do not cure.

3. Place the piece of plastic wrap over the Mirrorizer and slightly crinkle the color. Flash cure for five to 10 seconds in an LED lamp.

4. Remove the plastic wrap to reveal a textured surface. Finish curing for 60 seconds. File any sharp edges off the nails to retain the shape. Remove dust.

5. For an abstract effect, apply thin spots of color on the nail using blue gel-polish. Repeat using a green gel-polish. Blend the colors together using a clean gel brush. Repeat with pink and gold gel-polishes and blend.

6. Use a black gel-polish and a detail brush to paint strokes that mimic the details found in an abalone shell. Cure for 60 seconds.

7. Coat the nails with Mirror Effect Top Coat to seal the look and cure for 60 seconds. Remove the tacky layer.

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