According to Relate ( there are four questions you should ask yourself when figuring out which trends to jump on board with.

1. Is this trend specific to my industry and is this trend important to my industry?
Just because a trend isn’t specific to your industry doesn’t mean that it’s not important to it.

2. Would this trend serve my clients?
Your whole business is centered around the crucial client relationship. The last thing you want to do is engage in anything that would draw away from that. Ask yourself: Would I be able to serve my clients better if I pay attention to this trend?

3. Will this trend compromise my brand?
Ask yourself: Will this trend compromise the brand I’ve worked hard to build and maintain?

4. Do I have the capacity for another trend?
If you don’t have the bandwidth to tune in to another up-and-coming craze, then it’s not worth attempting. Paying attention to too many trends will divide your focus and take away from your clients.

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